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Unlock your best oral health and smile with Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy!

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Myofunctional Therapy Program

Every patient is uniquely different, that’s why my therapy is treatment planned differently from one patient to the next. Generally, we will see patients every two weeks however, these intervals can also vary to fit the patients’ needs and lifestyle.


Patients will be prescribed a series of Myofunctional exercises, the patient will work on their treatment plan and will be evaluated on progress and directed forward with new and/or additional exercises. The patient advances forward through therapy to habituation stage therapy. Once a patient graduates from the program there will be re-check visits spanning over 3-12 months to evaluate retention.


Some goals of Myofunctional Therapy are to normalize resting postures. Resting postures include tongue fully seated on the palate, lips together without strain, patent nasal breathing, and teeth slightly apart for an ideal freeway space. We also work towards normalized eating, chewing, and swallowing.


Myofunctional Therapy Program Services

Online Appointments Available

In-Person Appointments Available

Therapy to Support Pre and Post-Operative

Tongue-Tie Release 


Educational Presentations

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